LHE Anti-aging with FSD

MicroPhototherapy - Advanced light -based treatment for the ultimate facial.

Introducing FSD MicroPhototherapy, for the ultimate facial.

MicroPhototherapy uses LHE (Light and Heat Energy). LHE is dermatologists recommended technology, that works deep under the skin to recapture an even, clear and firm skin tone. Like laser, LHE treats the skin with therapeutic light energy. Unlike laser, gentle waves of heat work together with the light removing acne, age spots and uneven skin tome with no down time and virtually no discomfort.

Before and after photos that show the results of FSD treatments.

You can make it part of your facial or, for more intense results, book a complete series of 8 treatments and watch your skin shine! Just look at these results taken before and 2 months after 8 treatments.

This client is in her 70's. We achieved that milky creamy look. Notice her
forehead and around her mouth. Both areas have smoothed out quite a bit.

The redness through here cheek area really cleared up.  Take a look at
her nasal labial folds. Also, notice she's got that homogenized look!

The FSD definitely achieved the creamy Milky homogenized look with this clients' skin. Notice how the dark circles under her eyes have cleared up quite a bit!

Notice the smoothing between his eyes and on his chin. Also under his eyes
looks much better. Once again there is a more milky look to his complexion

We definitely achieved the Homogenized look with this client. The redness through her cheeks really cleared up. Notice the scar on her forehead. Looks better doesn't it?

We have tried everything to diminish the sun damage on her neck. The FSD has
been the first thing that has made a difference. She's Very Happy!

Before & After of ONE treatment!
Notice the smoothing effect between the eyebrows, forehead and chin.

Before & After of ONE treatmen with Light & Heat Energy (LHE)!
Notice the smoothing effect on the chin.

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