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The Origin of The Reconnection™

Eric Pearl is the acknowledged instrument through which The Reconnection™ is unfolding and being introduced to the world. Eric ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day in 1993, when his patients began seeing angels and reporting miraculous healings from numerous conditions including cancers, birth disfigurements, Cerebral Palsy, and AIDS-related diseases. The work of the Reconnection™ had begun.

Eric’s work has since elicited a tremendous amount of interest. From researchers and doctors worldwide. He's appearded on numerous radio and television programs, and his work has been documented in six books, including his own best-seller.

The Reconnection: “Heal Others, Heal Yourself”

Eric tours and teaches worldwide, activating people’s innate healing abilities, graduating thousand of Practitioners who successfully facilitate these healings in their own right.

To learn more about The Reconnection™ its history and origin, consult with your local Reconnective Healing® Practitioner pick up a copy of Eric’s book or visit us online at

FOR YOUR PROTECTION: With the welcome establishment of Reconnective Healing®, individuals and groups are representing themselves as being affiliated with The Reconnection™ and Eric Pearl, either personally or professionally when in fact, they are not, At present, there are no instructors other than Erin Pearl himself, and nap his approved graduates are authorized to facilitate The Reconnection™ and Reconnective Healing®. You are encouraged to contact us for verification of credentials and fees prior to attending any Reconnection™ seminars or participating in the The Reconnection™ or Reconnective Healing®.

DISCLAIMER: Eric Pearl and anyone associated with this mark, inclusive of, but not limited to, The Reconnection™ and Reconnective Healing®, make no claims, promises or guarantees, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.


"One month after my Reconnection I attended Dr. Pearls' classes to learn The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. I moved my business in order to begin doing Energy Work along with my current Hairstyling. This was a totally unplanned and unexpected, but welcome, change in my life. The transition was so smooth I can barely believe it! My priorities have changed. Stress and problems in my life don't consume me anymore. I seem to be more open to having many other unexplained experiences. My Energy clientele are also receiving very positive results in the specific area of their personal need. A few examples of experiences are as follows."

"I have noticed since my Reconnection, my heart is more settled. My mind can be racing, but my heart holds true to a calm course. Dealing with all the trials of a mentally ill daughter, my health at this present time has become less labile. The road is smoother, and I am more grounded. I fall in love again and again with my husband. How could that be possible - to love him more?But since The Reconnection, more love abounds."

"After my first session with Betty the following is my experience. I was having night sweats accompanied with nightmares, waking many times during the night. The nightmares had been occurring for about 10 years. The first night after my first session I slept through the night and had a pleasant dream, very hopeful - almost a premonition to what's to come. I awoke ready to face the day. Previously, my depression was getting so strong, that I wanted to sleep time away. I have started to desire foods that are more nutritional. After eating I have experienced stomach discomfort; it's like my body is flushing out what my body doesn't need. I also feel different about everything. I am more sure of myself and much more at ease with myself and others. I am no longer concerned with what others think about me or how I might come across to them; I somehow know that what ever I say or do will be appropriate. I am much more patient and less preoccupied with daily activities. My focus has turned towards my children. I see by the way they are reacting to me they are noticing the change in me. I am not experiencing anxiety about 'the small things' which encompass almost everything."

"Thank you for The Reconnection and the Reconnective Healing sessions. My spiritual growth has accelerated since then. I'm healthier physically and spiritually. People close to me have even noticed"

"I'm so happy I decided to have The Reconnection done with Betty. I have been complaining for years of my restless nights and lack of sleep. Now ever since I have had The Reconnection I sleep soundly every night and also no longer have hot flashes. It was a wonderful experience. I recommend it to every one. I'm sure a lot more will happen for me in the future. I wish I would have done it sooner."

"I have gone through a lot of rough times in my personal and professional life. Now, I couldn't be happier after Betty completed all the energy work. It brought me closer to The Lord. Good things keep happening to me since The Reconnection. I'm very  lucky to have her in my life and part of my business life"

"After the death of my Mother, I was so sad and stressed. My Reconnective Healing session with Betty allowed me to experience the presence of an Angel with white wings that held my hands to comfort me. During my private session I was greeted by many angels and guides all talking at the same time saying 'Good go to church' and 'Confession Good'! At one point I felt I was off the table and was releasing a lot of negative stuff from my big toe. I also saw the Virgin Mary exactly like a statue my mother had. It made me want to go through her things to find it. Before her passing we had not gone to church as much, just on special days. I knew all my friends were there for me, but I needed more. To feel the comfort of the angels was the best thing for me. Not everyone would get a bunch of angels and guides all around them all trying to talk at once! I knew this session was for me! A special session tailored for me. I like people and a lot of talking and craziness is exactly what I am used to. After my mom passed away her voice was gone from my life. I missed that too. The angels gave me what I needed most.... lots of angels & guides all there for me, taking care of me."

"My first session with Betty was quite interesting since I did not know what to expect. After a few minutes I drifted off into a deep meditation. I saw swirling colors and heard sounds in the room. In my second session I went into deeper meditation and saw colors, sounds in the room, and felt cool breezes. When I awoke I was completely at ease and relaxed. The third session, The Reconnection, I went into a deep meditation. My feeling was mysterious. I felt I had left the room and was flying in space over water. I could not identify where I actually was. There were light blue colors, there was a scent of something sweet smelling and I felt that someone tapped me on the shoulder. After the final session I felt more relaxed and definitely did not feel the same about my daily pressures. "I would highly recommend the Healing/Reconnection sessions to anyone. There is so much that happens to you during and afterwards it is hard to describe. One thing is for sure - I have felt more Spiritual and closer to God. A real Great feeling"


The Reconnection™ Price Upon Request $333.00
1 Hour Session Reconnective Healing $40.00

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